Madison that's all there is to it, 19 and lost like the rest of you.
Before the storm

Very calm


Christiane F. photographed by Ilse Ruppert in her room in Hamburg (1983).

Christiane F., a onetime heroin-addicted teen prostitute, a junkie from the age of 12, was put in the spotlight in her early teens during the late `70s, after a series of interviews about her life and West Berlin`s drug scene, which led in a top-selling book and a film (”Christiane F. – Wir Kinder vom Bahnhof Zoo”) based on her memoirs.

Her intriguing story, as well as her great looks instantly turned her into a media darling and a kind of controversial heroin-chic celebrity.

Along Alexander Hacke, her boyfriend at the time and member of the German industrial band Einstürzende Neubauten, they recorded two albums and also appeared in a film.

It’s strange how things keep giving us both signs that this isn’t functioning and we keep going back to our ways. We are fucking stubborn. Digging our feet deeper in the rug, waiting to see who leaves first. But it all comes down to how much I love you.




Photos by Nicholas Ramirez